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WeGlow Brand Glow Stick Necklaces 100 pc 22 inch huge 6mm size

WeGlow Brand Glow Stick Necklaces 100 pc 22 inch huge 6mm size

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WeGlow Brand products are the best glow quality in the world. Let us prove that to you! Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. WeGlow necklaces are great for sleepovers with the kids, parties, celebrations, family nights, camping trips, holidays, festivals and more.

  • Size Does Matter: Most listings sell the thinner 5mm diameter glow necklaces which don't glow as bright. WeGlow Brand necklaces are 20% larger at 6mm size (about the size of a pencil), which has 20% more glow liquid inside providing you a brighter glow experience. 
  •  Wow! Time After Time: How long does the cheap glow last? Cheap glow will last for 1-3 hours and have weak performance. WeGlow Brand will glow bright for 6-8 hours! Don’t be left in the dark.
  • One Piece: This WeGlow Brand is a one piece glow necklace, not the cheaper version of putting together three smaller pieces. Notice the difference and experience the glow!
  • You will receive: 6 tubes of 50 necklaces and connectors! An assortment of 5 different colors!
  • Features & Benefits: The best glow product in the world. Make memories for your next family fun night. Super bright, very colorful, and really fun!
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